A quick review of the very first 3 months of my PhD life. The start of many new things :)

1. Research

80/20 - most of my results came from a little my effort… I just worked crazily for the first month, then took a long long rest. My professor still gave me good comments on my progress but I know I can be more than that. Overall, I got a grant for my research with the title Research Assistant for a hospital in Australia. My prof also brings a lot of opportunities for me such as exchange in another country…

2. Work

I am too lucky to have such a great boss who is always willing to help me grow, gives me motivation and also invites me to visit him whenever I want. TBH I wish I could spend more time to get things done faster in order to help grow his business. Every time meeting with the customers and see how happy they are with our services, I always share it with my #codebros - I don’t want to just report bugs to them lol.

Besides that parttime job, I also started to work as an independent consultant. Can’t believe they pay $xxx an hour to listen to me lol. Ping me if you need my advise. 😉

3. Study

I love how Monash trains me to become a professional researcher. After receiving my 1st assignment result with grade D, I sent an email asking for explanation on why I got that low grade to see how I can improve. The tutor replied immediately with very very detailed comments on each part of my work, but the most surprising part to me is her conclusion: D is Distinction, it’s not a low grade at all my dear! It made more sense then since I put a lot of effort into it.

Moreover, I also feel so lucky to always be in good teams where teammates listen to my ideas and help me implement them.

4. Life

Thanks for such activities like workshops and virtual lunch, I got new friends. I hope that we can learn and grow and share things together along this journey. I’m excited to see how we collaborate as a team in several competitions ahead haha. Really want to meet you guys in person.

Being alone at home ruined me for a while. I started exercising and got dramatic improvement both physically and mentally. What makes me happier is that some of my friends join me too. Looking forward to seeing your results!

5. Problems

In the very first stage of my research life, I am facing such a serious problem that I lost my sleep and had bad dreams. Right now I choose to keep silent but bear in mind that I will get it solved at an appropriate time. I learn that I have to do it to protect the integrity of research so that it won’t happen to other people. Please prepare or take corrective action before that.

There is another reason that makes me lost my sleep too. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger 🙂