Such an emotional day today… I will never forget :)


Wake up - quite late compared to usual. Get a project done to earn a few months rental fee. Really look forward to more opportunity to work with researchers from economics department like this. :)


Do part-time job. New exciting features, new announcements, new campaign…


Receive a call from someone asking for partnership. Let’s see haha. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Research. Get some tasks done, prepare something for the meeting with Professor. I’m gonna die.


Weekly meeting.

“Oh you got a new hair cut?”

“Yes I did it myself. Of course I could go to the salon but I wanted to try.”

“Not too bad!”

Haha. Then Professor asked me to help him prepare for his new course (even it’s not my current research direction) because he notices that I can learn and do a demo quickly. Talking about my research, he gave me some comments that I will never forget.

You’re doing a good job. Don’t let other people holding you back. Follow your plan and have your own achievement. If nobody ever did that, just take the lead!

Thank you for giving me the motivation I need to move forward in my journey, Professor. ๐Ÿ™‚


Run around the pool. Omg finally they re-open the pool!!

P.s: This is my new DIY haircut! And also in the pictures: a new book that I borrow from my friend about investment in Malaysia, and some Vietnamese traditional dishes made by me.